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Meeting the needs of Korean drama fans. In 2021, Dramacool would like to introduce a series of Korean dramas that will not disappoint us. 
Mouse - The Huntsman
The movie Mouse is about a serial killer with an antisocial personality disorder that can now be identified in the DNA of the fetus and thus gives birth to two opposing sides of the question. „Is it possible to give birth to someone who knows in advance that he can commit mass murder?”. Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) is a police officer who is extremely honest, upright, and has a strong belief injustice. But faced with the appearance of a serial killer right from his birth, his peaceful life was suddenly disturbed. Mouse is an extremely thrilling crime drama that will make you unable to take your eyes off.
Law School
Genre: Korean Drama, Law.
Broadcast: First half of 2021.
The Law School series brings together the brainstorming battle of law school students and Korea’s top professors. The film has the acting of actor Kim Bum (playing Han Joon Hwi) and Ryu Hye Young (as Kang Sol), he is known for playing Sung Bora in Reply 1988 (2015).
Series Law School (roughly translated: Law School)
Law School is the first Korean movie to focus on life inside a law school, the extremely harsh mind battles with the belief in the justice of young students will be great spiritual food for anyone. who is passionate about Korean cinema. 
D.P Dog Day
Genre: Military, Drama
Broadcast: 2021 Dramas
Based on a popular Webtoon, DP Dog Day is about a soldier tasked with locating and capturing deserters played by Ahn Joon Ho (played by Jung Hae In). The film will explore and expose the issues of abuse and human rights in the military, uncovering all the dark sides that exist in the Korean military for viewers in the most authentic way.
D.P Dog Day
Air Date: June 19, 2021 Airtime
: 11 a.m. (KST) Saturday night on JTBC
2021 is quite a brilliant year for Song Kang, who constantly participates in film projects and is well received by fans. Ending the love story of Love Alarm 2, Song Kang and Han So Hee continued to write a sweet love story in Nevertheless.
nevertheless - Even though I know
This 2021 Korean movie is adapted from a webtoon of the same name that has caused a stir in the online community. The film is the love story of a girl Yoo Na Bi (played by Han So Hee) who wants to date but believes in love with hot boy Park Jae Uhn (played by Song Kang) who does not like to be tied down. themselves in relationships. Will these two characters make fans restless in this Korean romance drama?

Squid Game
Squid Game
The work from Netflix is ​​inspired by a very popular Korean game in the 80s. But in Squid Game , it will be a bit more terrifying when the people participate in the actual game. This is divided into two factions to compete with each other and match squares, circles, and triangles to form a squid. And especially those who participate in this survival game (similar to The Hunger Games) have to go through many difficulties and become the only one alive and win 45.6 billion won. 
This supernatural work is about Jung Jin Soo (Yoo Ah In) who is a leader of the Saejinrihwe religion and always propagates that an angel of death from hell is about to come back to life and follow God’s arrangement. Hearing that news, a TV director and her lawyer found out the truth of the wrong case against the Hwasalchok group – the extremist followers of Saejinrihwe.
My Name
My Name
My Name tells the story of Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee)’s revenge for her lost father when her father died strangely and was suspected of being the mastermind of the murder. To find out who was behind it, she trained and joined the Dongcheonpa drug gang with Choi Moo Jin – a brother of her father. With the help, Ji Woo was inside the police and discovered the truth surrounding the death of her father. There, she met Jeon Pil Do when she joined the drug investigation unit.
Like A Butterfly
Genre: Drama, Friendship.
Broadcast: 2021
Like A Butterfly is a Korean drama based on the webtoon of the same name. The film tells the story of Shim Deok Chul (played by Park In Hwan), a 78-year-old man who decides to study ballet in his old age. Accompanying him to realize his dream is Lee Chae Rok (played by Song Kang), a 23-year-old man full of enthusiasm and a professional ballerina.
Like A Butterfly
The film hits hard at the beautiful friendship between two people, all built through ballet that the two work hard at, and shows the importance of pursuing one’s dreams regardless of age.
One Day Destruction Entered the Front Door of My House
Genre: Supernatural, Drama
Aired: 2021
Kim Sa Ram is a person born between darkness and light, he is the symbol of what brings bad luck to the world. His existence inherently only brings ruin and unhappiness to human life even though he doesn’t want to. 
One Day Destruction Entered the Front Door of My House

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But one day, he meets Tak Dong Kyung (played by Park Bo Young), an editor of a website specializing in writing fiction novels who is lost in life. Fate brings them together and their lives change as they become closer together. The movie is a great love song for those who are losing hope in a true love that brings a change in soul as well as life.
The Silent Sea
Genre: Thriller, Fiction, Mystery
Broadcast: 2021
Silent Sea follows the mission of elite scientists to the moon to retrieve mysterious specimens from an abandoned research station. The film is set in the future on a planet suffering from a lack of necessities such as food and drink due to desertification. Yoon Jae (played by Gong Yoo) is an elite soldier assigned to the space agency to lead the crew, while Ji An (played by Bae Doo Na) will be his comrade who always stands by his side. on this mission to the moon.
The Silent Sea
With a very „quality” cast, The Silent Sea is a Korean film that firmly grasps the confidence of success when it comes to its debut. The film will tell us more about the hidden corners as well as the life of each character in the crew, let’s wait for the movie to be released on online platforms this year!
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